How To Connect Godaddy Domain With Hostinger Hosting

Friends, I have bought hosting for the first time. From Hostinger and purchased Domain. Connect Godaddy Domain: How can I connect to Hostinger from Godaddy? If I buy mine from any other website, the next processes will be around the same. How will we connect this domain with our hosting host if we buy the domain from any website? Today, I will teach you guys in this article how To Connect Godaddy Domain.

Domain Connecting With Hostinger Hosting

First, we must log in to our hosting account, which is our name and password. This will make it account even where we bought our domain from. Account login for Hostinger will take place. Before coming to Hosting, we will see Hosting, the domain we have purchased, if we only want to see Hostinger’s Hosting. So, a Hosting option is visible above. By clicking on it, we can see. After that, we have to click on the Manage option. When we click on the manage option, we will see a page. There will be an option at the bottom of this page. When you click on the account name in the details of this account, two names server will be seen there.

Domain Connecting With Hostinger Hosting

Setup Name Server

Replace these two name servers with the name server of our domain here. We have purchased the domain from Godaddy. Apart from this, we have to log in. After doing this, the option of My product will be seen. A manage button will appear on a Domine site. After clicking on it, scroll down, and the Manage DNA option will appear. Click on it, and you will see all the records. After that, scroll down to come down. After that name server will be visible. It belongs to Domine; it has to be changed. The hosting name is not to be replaced with the server.

Enter Name Server Advance

You must copy and paste a name server from here by clicking on it. There is only so much work to be done. Have to wait for some time. We can wait up to 24 hours at most; after some time, I check where we bought the Domina, and that’s all it works. Now, you can click on Hostinger’s Home screen of Hosting. We will see the End Page if we want to visit the Home page. Clicks on it.

Enter Name Server Advance


Now, that is the name of our ‘domain.’ There is no need to write the name and then give the password. And click on add. After that, go to the Hosting and connect the two domains. First, click on Manage Three. After that, we will see our domain name; we can change it. After that, scroll down to come down a bit. Then auto installer button will be visible inside the website. By clicking on it, we will see all the programs. Apart from this, we can deal with the blog. 

Setup In WordPress

 Let us click on WordPress here. If yes, you can change the username administrator, which is the password. We calculated it by ourselves. After that, a title has to be given. It will take only two or three minutes to install WordPress; some boxes will be visible after installation. If you want to check our website, you can check from here.Setup In WordPress

First, a website will be installed here before WordPress is installed. How are different types of websites built? Projects on which I will work. How to deal with all these websites.

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